The Week of Taste®

La Semaine du Goût® is the leading event in taste education since 1990.

This year, from 10 to 16 October, discover more about how to experience taste, whatever your age.

In many towns in France, many shopkeepers, restaurant owners and associations are getting involved in organizing tasting workshops, cooking classes, competitions, etc

In partnership with Marmiton, students will also be able to take advantage of a digital Twitch platform. On Wednesday 12 October from 12 noon to 2 pm in a “Chef on Campus”, make sure to listen to Chef Gregory Cohen, the patron of the Semaine du Goût®

In more than 13,500 kindergarten and elementary school classes, craftsmen, producers, chefs (including Gregory Cohen) and breeders will intervene in the classes with the “Taste Lessons”. This is a sharing of taste and good nutrition for children.

Younger children will not be forgotten!

For parents, fun activities are proposed on our website and can be experienced during the week of taste.

Living the Taste” is the theme of this year’s Taste Week®

It is a call to take control of our food, and to be active in our plate and those of our children.

For even more involvement in everyday life, and to find out more, we also recommend :

  • “L’alimentation des enfants racontée aux parents” by Jean-François Desessard and Sophie Nicklaus,
  • “Le bébé gastronome” by Sandrine Monnery-Paris,
  • Roland Salesse’s latest book, “Le cerveau cuisinier”,
  • Loïc Briand’s book “Le goût une affaire de nez”,
  • or “Odorat et Goût” by Roland Salesse & Rémi Gervais.

5 senses for kids Foundation is also committed to working with you so that we can all, at all ages, experience taste!

Discover the programme throughout France