Our partners

Our partners

Logo Cap Enfants

Cap Enfants

Created in 2005, Cap Enfants is a network of inter-company crèches that develops a multi-sensory pedagogy that is unique in the world, notably through music, but also thanks to an innovative tool, La Bulle Musicale®/ The musical Igloo®. This pedagogy is made available in Cap Enfants crèches and encourages the cognitive, motor and social development of the child by awakening the 5 senses.

Société des neurosciences

Societé des Neurosciences

Created in 1988, the Société des Neurosciences is a non-profit scientific association (under the 1901 law). It promotes the development of research in all areas of neuroscience (fundamental, clinical and applied research) and encourages interaction between researchers from all backgrounds. It is composed of French and foreign members.

Nez en Herbe

Created in 2017 (under the 1901 law), the Nez en Herbe association aims to integrate olfactory awareness into educational programmes . The sense of smell allows us to discover the world, to know ourselves and therefore to exercise our curiosity. The members of this association are professionals and experts such as perfumers, researchers, artists or even philosophers.

Eveil goût


Created in 2010, the Eveil’O’Goût association aims to bring adults and children to rediscover the act of eating as a social moment of pleasure and conviviality. Through food education based on sensoriality, it accompanies children through taste workshops and adults through training (parents, health professionals, education, school catering, entertainment and food). Eveil’O’goût is based on the use of the five senses in tasting to help everyone take advantage of their own sensory abilities by listening to their feelings and sharing them with others, while respecting individual and cultural differences.