The Board of Directors

Founder and President


In 2005, Claudia Kespy-Yahi created ” Cap Enfants “, her own network of daycares with a new concept. Music is at the centre of children’s activities and development thanks to the implementation of activities and an innovative multi-sensory educational tool, La Bulle Musicale®/the Musical Igloo®.More than a childcare centre with the fundamentals of collective care, it is a place for the development and blossoming of the child, using music and the use of senses.

For nearly 17 years, her work has been focused on young children. She encourages the role of multi-sensoriality, music and openness to cultural diversity in children’s daily lives.

In 2019, she publishes “Petite enfance : de la musique avant toute chose ! Des neurosciences aux crèches musicales” i.e. “Music first! The benefits in early childhood. From neurosciences to musical daycares“. She offers a new vision of the impact of music on the development of young children thanks to the numerous researches published over the last twenty years. She also shares some of her work, and illustrates with concrete examples how to take into account the power of music in children’s lives.

In the same year, in order to contribute to the promotion of multi-sensoriality as a key to the development of children from the beginning of their lives, she founded the 5 senses for kids Foundation”.

Olivier YAHI

General Delegate

Coming from a sector that contributes to the opening to the world and to other cultures, it is with enthusiasm that he puts his experience of international projects management at the service of children and of “5 senses for kids Foundation”.



Administrative manager for many years in the field of early childhood, her role as secretary of “5 senses for kids Foundation” allows her to contribute to the development and blossoming of the children.

Marianne BLAYAU

She is co-founder and General Delegate of “Orchestre à l’école”. She is involved in giving access to music to as many children as possible and in the fight against exclusion through collective instrumental practice.


He accompanies entrepreneurs and managers towards the achievement of their business and behavioural objectives. He also contributes to the “5 senses for kids Foundation” through his expertise in Leadership and Management, Strategy, Performance Improvement and Financial Engineering.


A psychosociologist, he has been working since 1974 in the field of research-action on the theme of the construction of reference points in children, particularly around the question of the awakening of the senses and the interactions between the senses and cognitive learning. He is recognised in France and abroad as one of the leading experts on early childhood.

Estelle SALLEY

Early childhood educator and graduate in Education Sciences. She has been training and accompanying professionals in early childhood, education, health and entertainment for more than 15 years on the theme of music – a unifying and indispensable tool in their professional practices.


Founder and CEO of Danem, a software company specialising in the world of new technologies, CRM and mobility. He has also participated in and contributed to numerous associations to help children: food aid, charities, disability and early childhood.


A musicologist and a musician, she has been working for more than 7 years on the musical pedagogy developed by the company Cap Enfants. This pedagogy places hearing at the centre of the cognitive, affective and motor development of young children. She trains early childhood professionals in this innovative pedagogy.


Chartered accountant and auditor, he is a specialist in the associative sector and the social and solidarity economy. He also contributes his experience as an independent administrator of several foundations and endowment funds.