Publication of the research work on the pedagogy of Cap Enfants

The publication of the action-research on the benefits of La Bulle Musicale® pedagogy was published this summer in the scientific journal “Music Education Research”.

This global multisensory approach is based on the internationally patented tool, La Bulle Musicale® from Cap Enfants, one of our partners.

It allows :

  • A significant reinforcement of language acquisition
  • The development of visual-spatial intelligence.

These are fundamental foundations for school learning.

This is the first time that the pedagogical work of a nursery company has been published in a scientific journal.

Music Education Research:

The positive learning transfer from a musical play-learning system® to young children’s and spatial skills

C.Caracci, K.Martel and M.T. Le Normand


The positive learning transfer from a musical play early-learning system® to young children’s linguistic and spatial skills

C. Caracci, K. Martel and M.T. Le Normand

This study examines the benefits of the “Musical Bubble® ” pedagogy on cognitive development. Specifically, we analysed the effects of this multi-sensory and multicultural music-related pedagogy on children’s language and spatial skills once they reached school age. A group of twenty children aged 50-82 months exposed daily to the “musical bubble®” pedagogy for 24 months (4 or 5 days a week, 45 min/day) in several Cap Enfants sensory day care centres was selected and compared to a matched group of twenty children aged 48-79 months who had not been exposed to this pedagogy.

The results revealed that spatial skills predicted language skills in the group of children who had been exposed to the ‘musical bubble’ but not in the control group. Wider implementation of this musical pedagogy in a larger number of daycare centres is suggested to facilitate the positive transfer of the different domains of cognition that underpin the child’s academic and social development

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M.T. Le Normand, Institut de l’Audition, Institut Pasteur, Inserm, 75012 Paris, France; Laboratoire de Psychopathologie et Processus de Santé, Université de Paris Cité, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France