Presentation of the first 2022 Annual Prizes

A ceremony where multi-sensoriality is in the spotlight

Thursday, December 15, in Gennevilliers: presentation of the first 2022 annual prize of scientific research and the 2022 Prize for an educational action in the presence of elected representatives, scientists, partners, patrons and donors, professionals and associative actors committed to childhood and early childhood, and also the members of the board of directors of 5 Senses For Kids Foundation.

From start to finish, this ceremony was … of course! … about multi-sensoriality. So, thanks to Kim Colett, the event began with song and music… and ended with a small, symbolic gift for each guest at the end of the evening.

The winners received their prizes, which amounted to 2,500 euros for each of the selected projects.

The scientific research prize

The selection was made by the Scientific Committee of 5 senses for kids Foundation in partnership with the Society for Neuroscience.

The winning project, entitled “Somatosensory prediction in the premature neonate brain”, focuses on the study of the impact of touch on premature newborns aged 33 weeks.

This scientific research prize was won by Dr Victoria Dumont and Dr Nadège Roche-Labarbe who work at the Comète Laboratory of the “Pôle de Formation et de Recherche en Santé” at the University of CAEN.

The educational action prize

The selection was made by the Pedagogical Committee of 5 senses for kids Foundation. The winning project is … “Musique au Naturel”!: this educational award, led by Jean Paul Capitani, presents a show for nursery schools (or other structures). It is accompanied by an educational booklet that combines the story, songs and instructions for making instruments from natural elements.

After each presentation, a time of exchange allowed the audience to deepen the projects presented.

A call for the development of the young and the flourishing of future generations

The trend is, in many ways, towards withdrawal. Withdrawal into oneself, into the community, into identity.

For nearly three years, this withdrawal has accelerated with the Covid pandemic. The confinement, the wearing of masks, the barrier gestures have considerably and durably reduced our multi-sensory experiences and our interpersonal relationships.

Regardless of the health point of view, we cannot deny their impact on the physical and psychological health of many people, and especially on the health of children who have grown up in this context.

During this evening, a double appeal was made:

A call for the development of young children

Children develop through the mobilisation of their senses. For the child to develop well, from a cognitive, motor and emotional point of view, multi-sensoriality is essential. And on this good development, depend not only the school learning but also the health of a person throughout his life. His physical health, but also his psychological health and his cultural health. We are talking here about the representation of reality that a child builds in these early years and that he or she will take into account throughout life.

A call for the development of the younger generation

Through multisensoriality, children discover the world in all its diversity. They apprehend and accept this diversity, they perceive its benefits, its richness, its promises and its opportunities. Multisensoriality helps the child to find his or her place in the world, to feel good in it, to blossom in it. And so we understand that the impact of multisensorial awakening and education approaches concerns both the child and the world, our society.

From this point of view, our appeal is also a call for awareness.

Olivier Yahi, General Delegate of 5 senses for kids Foundation

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