OUÏE at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie on 10 and 11 September

5 senses for kids Foundation supports any educational, cultural, social or scientific action that contributes to the development of children by promoting multi-sensoriality as a fundamental basis for their development and their opening to the world.

This month, we are pleased to highlight the “Cité des Sens” festival organised by the “Cité des Sciences” which, after two editions on the theme of smell, returns this year to celebrate hearing.

On the weekend of 10 and 11 September, young and old alike are invited to become aware of the sense of hearing through various activities and phonic and sensory experiences

From ears to brain, from noise to music, from nuisance to silence, from annoying sounds to calming ones, there are many subjects to discover and experiment with during this sensory weekend.

Enjoy numerous sound and sensory experiences,

  • discover the latest research on hearing,
  • understand even better what hearing is and how to improve the sound quality of our environment,
  • or learn how to take care of your ears.

On the programme:

Round tables

Saturday 10 September

2pm: The ear in all its states

3pm: Sound: the paths of perception

5pm: Sound and emotions

Sunday 11th September

2pm: Sounds and materials

3pm: When music is good

5pm: Acoustics, it’s fantastic!